National Equity Fund


National Equity Fund® is committed to preserving existing affordable housing throughout the country. We have joined forces with our investors applying our extensive experience and innovative thinking to create a suite of products focused on providing financing and equity to assist our partners with the acquisition and recapitalization of a project to maintain long-term affordability for its residents.


Our preservation products provide capital investments in affordable housing projects including ones near or beyond the end of their initial tax credit compliance period as well as affordable housing properties that operate under HUD Section 8 and various other federal programs.

Our debt and equity products offer project financing in the form of equity or first mortgage debt, enabling prospective partners to acquire or gain control of qualified properties. The financing can be used to bridge the period from the final years of the tax credit compliance period to post-compliance project refinancing or re-syndication, or to provide short-term financing allowing for a long-term recapitalization of non-tax credit affordable housing. Typical investments range from $5 to $50 million and carry a term of five to seven years.

There are many applications for the Preservation Fund but essentially it can be used to:

Our professionals are committed to excellence and providing our partners with everything they need to succeed. If you are interested in learning more about preservation debt and preservation equity, we are ready to get to work for you.

KEY CONTACTS - Preservation Debt

Steve Russi
NEF Preservation Capital Advisors

Scott Zeigler
NEF Preservation Capital Advisors


Karen Przypyszny
Managing Director of Special Initiatives

Daryl Shore
Managing Director of Structured Finance