National Equity Fund

Wellington Creek Apartments

Lisle, IL

Jobs Created: 27
Jobs Year One: 111

First constructed in 1965, Wellington Creek Apartments are located in the Chicago suburb of Lisle, IL and were acquired by Stone Beam Management using NEF's Workforce/Moderate Income Housing loan program. Comprised of four buildings and one single-family home, 51 out of 101 apartments are restricted to families with incomes at or under 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI), which helps make this an affordable place to live for households with moderate incomes.

Settled between two major interstates, Wellington Creek is less than two miles from downtown Lisle, which has a walkable shopping area and a Metra train station with service to downtown Chicago. This community is an ideal place for residents to live in proximity to where they work and job opportunities in the surrounding area and in the city.

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Stone Beam

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