National Equity Fund

Workforce Housing

Over the last three decades, we've learned that every property and partnership is distinct and requires thoughtful, customized solutions. As the gap between the supply and demand for affordable housing across the country widens, NEF is ready with innovative opportunities for our developer and investor partners.

About NEF's Workforce Housing Fund

This fund is designed to match PWI/CRA motivated investors with economically motivated impact investors to provide flexible products for building high-quality LMI housing in key markets across the country. This includes adding homes for populations such as our nation's critical workers and others who are priced out of sustainable rentals near employment hubs but do not qualify for LIHTC housing.

Types of Investments

A typical project in the fund will be with a mission-aligned developer that will achieve the fund's objective to create affordable housing for moderate-income households in compelling locations. The construction LTC should be between 60-70 percent, and the minimum stabilized DCR should be 1.25.