National Equity Fund

CPA Portal

CPAs currently preparing reports for NEF Limited Partnerships are requested to upload required reports and documentation via the NEF CPA Portal. Uploaded reports are automatically time & date stamped and immediately available to NEF staff.

Existing CPA Portal Users

Existing CPA Portal users may use the button below to login with their current user ID and password.

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New and Unregistered Users

New and unregistered users must have an (electronic) invite from NEF to register for the CPA Portal. Please use the New User CPA Portal Registration button below to confirm if you have an invite and/or register. Please contact Tracey LeGrand to request an invitation, if needed.

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Instructions for Using the CPA Portal


Email submissions to Year End Reporting may take two business days to be posted during peak times. In the meantime, the Partnership and/or CPA may receive follow-up calls/emails regarding the status of the outstanding report/document.

Due to the volume of reports received, NEF does not accept fax or mail submissions.