National Equity Fund


Becoming an expert in your field takes time and commitment. It demands a thorough knowledge as well as a passion for what one does. That describes each person on our originations team.


To ensure an unmatched depth of knowledge for each deal and each development partner, we’ve created a team approach. By dividing the country into regions with our home base centrally located in Chicago, we have an originations team based in the West, Midwest and East. That blueprint allows each team to focus on the distinctive characteristics of their particular regions and to have a detailed understanding of how each state, each market, functions. This truly sets us apart in the syndication world.

For more than 35 years, National Equity Fund® has employed nationally recognized industry professionals with expertise in the areas of supportive and public housing making us one of the few shops that can effectively contribute to the structuring and sale of these unique developments.

From the analysts on each team to senior staff, we are committed to making certain that the best possible deals are shepherded to fruition for our developers, offered as stable investments to our investment partners and are of the highest quality for the residents who will call them home.